Frequently Asked Questions

How does your order and shipping schedule work?

We provide end-to-end service from the time you place the order until it reaches and assembles at the venue

Can I adjust my order after it has been placed?

Yes you can, depending on your preferences

What types of coffee machine is the best for different industries?

Depending on the capacity of the employees we suggest perfectly brewed coffee machines for Café style coffee

Do you have a trial period offer?

Yes, we do have a trial period for a week

What types of blends does it brew?

⦿ Espresso

⦿ Americano

⦿ Cappuccino

⦿ Hazelnut

⦿ Mochaccino

⦿ Hot chocolate

⦿ French vanilla

⦿ Chai tea

⦿ English toffee

⦿ Coffee

⦿ Café latte

⦿ Irish cream, and

⦿ Decaf options depending on the particular machine

Can your machines pour different sizes of cups?

Our systems can accommodate every size from espresso demi-tasse cups to carafes of freshly brewed coffee.

Can your machines track usage?

Our Systems Provide Full Account Management Capabilities. We Can Accurately Monitor Every Beverage That Is Served For Invoicing And On-Time Product Replacement.

Are your machines environmentally friendly?

Our machines are extremely environmentally friendly. Our coffee machine grinds whole beans from the external hopper. Unlike other coffee machines, there is no packaging for the coffee, nor any paper filters, cups, pods, or pouches. Exhausted coffee grounds are dropped into an internal bin for collection and composting. Wastewater from the automated cleaning cycle is collected in a sealed, internal bin for collection and disposal.

How fresh is our coffee and how is it sourced?

Our coffee bean is locally roasted to ensure maximum freshness. We source our beans from Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic, and Rainforest Alliance Certified suppliers based on customer’s need.

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