For A Refreshing Mind & Body

"Every sip has a café-style taste"

“The Bay Area Blend” helps businesses set up coffee machines tailored to their size and needs giving it a café-style taste in every sip. We take care of restocking all necessary supplies like coffee beans, hot chocolate, creamers, and sugar.

Our service includes regular maintenance, cleaning of the machines on a set schedule, and ensuring a constant supply of fresh coffee for employees. This boosts productivity and satisfaction by eliminating the need to leave the office for coffee. We aim to make it easy for our clients to provide coffee as a perk for their employees without any upfront investment or maintenance.






Hot Chocolate

French Vanilla

Chai Latte

English Toffee

Café Latte

Irish Cream

Decaf Options

Do you know what a simple cup of our coffee can do?

⦿ It provides a chance to brainstorm new ideas with your colleagues.
⦿ Gives you relaxation, reduces stress, and clears the mind, paving the way for innovative ideas.
⦿ Automatically offers a calming casual environment for networking and building relationships with colleagues.
⦿ Our coffee is known to provide a quick boost of energy, which can be helpful for people who are feeling tired or sluggish during the workday.
⦿ Our coffee breaks can be a good opportunity to socialize, providing inspiration by exploring new surroundings, which can spark creativity.